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Who's Who


Mr J Godding – Head Teacher


Miss E Turley – Senior Teacher – Windrush class – Years 3 & 4

In addition to teaching Windrush class, Miss Turley works alongside, and, in his absence, stands in for, Mr Godding in various aspects of the management of the school, assisting in developing the curriculum, working with other members of the teaching team to provide innovative, high quality teaching so that all of our pupils’ needs are met, and supporting the strategic development of the school.


Mrs A Pangbourne – Coln Class -  Reception


Mrs P Warner – Avon Class - Years 1 & 2

Miss S Power – Avon Class - Years 1 & 2

Mr A Webber – Evenlode Class - Years 5 & 6


Teaching Assistants

Miss A Townsend - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss S Green

Mrs H Hodgson

Mrs L Teague



Mrs S Branfield – Finance Administrator

Mrs N Gard – School Administrator



Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs A Donovan

Miss S Green

Miss L Drury

Mrs G Pointon-Taylor

Ms R Battersby

Mrs R Frost

Miss E Bale

Mrs T MacDonald