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Our Approach

Our children learn together.

From their very first day with us our children are part of our school family. They all have a set place at a table at lunchtime when the ages all eat together. The children enjoy playtimes together; we do not have separate break times or playground areas for different age groups, although we do use different areas of the playground for different types of activity. We join together for assembly every day looking at different themes and our school values. On Fridays we enjoy our celebration assembly where children share their achievements both in and out of school.

Every child is a member of one of our four houses – ash, beech, oak or willow. There is a strong competitive spirit between them and a fantastic sense of camaraderie within them!

There are lots of opportunities for the children to work and socialise together including marking special occasions (e.g. harvest festival, Christmas), performing in our summer play, participating in extra-curricular clubs and enjoying discos, pantomimes and movie nights.


Our children experience a range of activities both inside and outside the classroom.

One of the luxuries we enjoy as a small school is that all of our staff get to know all of our pupils as individuals very quickly once they join us. Although the children are in mixed age classes, they are all taught according to their year group and own particular stage of educational development. Teachers are supported by teaching assistants which enables us to split the children into smaller groups and to work with them according to their needs.

We are very proud of our beautiful location and the extensive grounds which we have. In addition to PE lessons we use the sports field for playtimes whenever the weather allows us to.  All of the children enjoy Forest School sessions throughout the year in one of our two Forest School areas.

We regularly arrange educational activities and excursions to support the children’s learning. These could involve visits from the local fire service, field work on the River Isbourne or in Winchcombe, lessons with Winchcombe School teachers, trips to museums or the Literary Festival to name just a few.