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Become a Governor

We're interested to hear from potential governors


Why become a Governor?

People choose to become a school governor for a variety of reasons. 

Some people want to extend their work experience; others feel they wish to give something back to their local community.  Many take up the role when they find they have time to spare and are looking for something more rewarding than the usual range of recreational activities.

Whatever your reasons for finding out more about this challenging role, we’d like to give you a synopsis of what’s involved, how it can help you, and why it’s important for us to find the right people.


What do Governors do?

Governors form a crucial backbone of all UK schools. 

They set the strategic direction of the school; they monitor how the school operates to ensure that it is functioning well, and they both challenge and give supportive advice to the staff on how to improve outcomes.

Governors work as a team representing parents, the local community and the local education authority.  This team ensures an appropriate balance of resources and a focus on overall governance. 

Each governor brings their unique perspective and technical expertise to support the school’s senior leadership team (SLT), although it is the SLT that has day-to-day responsibility for school activities.


What do you receive in return?

Governors do not receive a salary, but in certain situations they are able to reclaim expenses.

The greatest reward is the enormous pride and satisfaction that comes from helping to create the right environment in which children become ready to take on the challenges of life.  You’re effectively helping to launch them into the world.

As part of their role, all governors receive extensive free training on many business and school related management aspects. 

Younger governors gain valuable managerial skills and experience – making them more employable within the increasingly competitive world of work and it prepares them to take on much higher levels of responsibility within their own employer’s organisation.

For older governors there is the opportunity to share their wisdom and expertise with those eager to learn and to enjoy challenging intellectual situations and lively debates about the future.



Why Isbourne Valley School?

The school is a highly innovative maintained primary school, not afraid to embrace change for the better. For its size (capacity 84 pupils) it has an exceptional management capability and range of facilities, brought about through a ground-breaking partnership with Winchcombe School.


What are we looking for?

We have a succession planning strategy that involves replacing key governors as they come to the end of their term of office (normally four years).  Background requirements change as we fill vacancies, so the following gives you an indicative profile rather than a skills specification.  However, it’s your commitment that’s really crucial to our success.


Who do we need?

       You must be over eighteen and be able to pass disclosure and barring (DBS) checks.

       You must want to make a difference and actively contribute to making the school a better environment in which teachers can teach and the children maximise their ability to learn, develop and achieve outstanding results.

       You must be willing to attend a certain number of meetings during the academic year (normally three full governing body meetings and at least two committee meetings) – which are held on weekday evenings and planned ahead for a whole year.  With preparation time, you are likely to need to give at least 25 hours a year – possibly more.

       You must be willing to undertake key training in your own time (normally local to Tewkesbury, Cheltenham or Gloucester and often in the evening or at weekends).

       You must be willing to undertake monitoring of a key aspect – either within the Learning area covering numeracy, literacy or science or an Operations area covering health & safety, building maintenance or finance.  Don’t worry if you haven’t prior experience as there is guidance.

       You must be willing to read papers before coming to the meetings, to contribute constructive ideas and comments, if necessary make tough decisions, and sometimes prepare short reports.

       You must be willing to take on committee chair or governing body chair or committee clerk role, if there is a need and you are not already undertaking such a role (extra training provided).

       You must be willing to occasionally contribute by undertaking one-off tasks such as exploring an aspect of improving the school’s operations or joining a selection panel.

       Typical governor backgrounds include: HR / legal / medical / finance / management / design / marketing / IT / construction / manufacturing / engineering / agriculture to name a few.


Want to know more or apply?

Contact the school on 01242 621341 or  or You can also write to: Chair of the Governing Body, Isbourne Valley School, Didbrook, Cheltenham, GL54 5PF, setting out your interest and giving some outline information about your background or experience.