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How can I help my child?

Curriculum Evening 11th October 2023


These questions will help your child to think about and understand what they are reading with you at home. In turn, this helps them to develop their reading fluency and their comprehension. 


These are the phonics mats which your child uses in school to help with their spelling and reading.

Can your child say each phoneme?



These documents show you the words, including common exception words, which children are expected to be able spell in each year group. 


These are the key writing skills your child will be learning in their year group. 


Our calculation policy shows you how your child is taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide (the year group is in the top left-hand corner). 

These are the essential skills that the children need to develop in maths. Our approach is to make sure that the children have a secure understanding of each of these before they move on to the next.


Knowing times tables is crucial for being able to understand many aspects of maths. Children need to learn  and know all of the times tables facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4.

These websites will help your child to learn and practise their times tables.