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Governing Body

Governors set the strategic direction of the school; they monitor how the school operates to ensure that it is functioning well and they both challenge and give supportive advice to the staff on how to improve outcomes. Governors usually serve a four year term of office.

Governors work as a team representing parents, the local community and the local education authority.  This team ensures an appropriate balance of resources and a focus on overall governance. 

The full governing body meets at least once a term. The governing body has two committees which report to it:

a)    Teaching & Learning committee - responsible for monitoring and maintaining the standards of teaching and standards for professional and personal conduct and for advising the Governing Body on curriculum standards and related matters

b)     Operations committee - responsible for monitoring and for advising the Governing Body on finances, the infrastructure elements, health & safety compliance and major building changes

The committees usually meet each term. 

In addition there is a Pay Panel which reviews and sets salaries and smaller working party groups are set up as necessary to focus on specific issues.